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Getting discounts on royalty-free music

Here at we regularly get asked this question: “Do you offer bulk discounts or educational discounts on your royalty-free music?” — or variations on that subject. So I thought I’d post our answer to this here in the blog.

Affiliates get 10% off everything:

First, there is the 10% affiliate discount, that anybody with a website can get. Basically, you sign up with our Affiliate Program under which we pay you 10% of the value of all orders placed by anybody who has followed a special affiliate link from your website to ours — including your own orders! When you sign up, we will give you a unique link that you place on your website. If somebody follows that link and ends up buying a product on our site — no matter how small or large the order — we will pay you 10% of the order value. Many of our regular customers use this program to basically earn themselves a 10% discount on all their orders. Before placing an order on our site, they arrive at our site by following their own affiliate link – thus effectively getting back 10% of their order value, with the added bonus of also getting 10% of any orders placed by anybody else who might follow that link and end up placing an order with us.

I should add at this point, that whilst you are welcome to use our affiliate program for your own orders to earn yourself the 10% discount, we do require that you actually place the link on a public page on your website, so that other people can use the link, too. You can’t just keep the link only for your own use.

To become a affiliate, just go to our Affiliate sign-up page and fill in the form there.

Bulk discounts on ready-made collections:

Now, as for larger discounts and bulk discounts. What is “Bulk order”? Unfortunately, we don’t consider 3 tracks to be bulk. Nor 5 tracks, really. Nor even 10 tracks. If you’re placing those kinds of orders, please consider using the affiliate program described above, to get yourself 10% discount on everything.

However, if you buy 5 or more ready-made collections, we would accept that this is a bulk order and we are prepared to give the following discounts:

Number of collections
with Standard License:
with Mass Market License
* Any 5 collections:
US$ 439.00
US$ 999.00
* Any 10 collections:
US$ 799.00
US$ 1999.00
* Any 15 collections:
US$ 1049.00
US$ 2499.00
* Any 20 collections:
US$ 1299.00
US$ 2999.00
* More than 20 collections:
contact us
contact us

These collections are normally either $99/$129 each with Standard License, or $249/325 each with Mass Market License. Each collection typically contains 10-15 tracks, plus all the different edits/versions/cuts of every track, to give you options in editing (such as 60-secs version, 30-secs version, Loops, Stingers etc.) You can see a complete list of our ready-made collections here:

The collections can be delivered to you as physical CDROM/DVDROM’s, on an external USB hard drive or a USB memory stick – whichever you prefer.

Should you be interested in taking us up on either of these offers, please get in touch with us. These “bulk orders” of 10-15-20 or more ready-made collections are not available to buy through the shopping cart on the site. You’ll have to talk with, us or email with us, to discuss your selections and arrange payment.