11 new exclusive tracks from Dan Gautreau
Dan Gautreau is one of the most popular artists here at Shockwave-Sound.com. His crisp, open sound combined with touching melodies and catchy hooks make some of his tracks extremely suitable for use in film, tv, web, presentations and other media.

This week we have just added 11 new tracks of his to our catalog, so we thought it was a good time to showcase his tracks and point out some of the best of Dan Gautreau.

Dan has been with Shockwave-Sound.com for about 3 years since back in 2006 and we currently have 133 of his tracks in our catalog. He spends half his time writing library music for us, and the other half of the time writing, producing and recording pop, rock and R&B music with established pop artists in the UK and other countries. Among other things, Dan co-wrote a number 1 hit in Italy, for the winner of the Italian “Pop Idol”.

Dan is a Shockwave-Sound “Signed-on” composer, which means that his music is always exclusive to Shockwave-Sound.com for minimum 1 year before it can be found on any other websites. 

Dan’s 5 best-selling royalty free music tracks:

This week we have added the following 11 new tracks by Dan:

Dan’s full name is Daniel Alan Gautreau (PRS) and he is published by Lynne Publishing (PRS) – the company that owns www.Shockwave-Sound.com

We love Dan’s music here and we’re looking forward to bringing you more of his music in the future.