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Download multiple files in one big download1 min read

We’re happy to announce our “download page re-zipper”. This custom engineered little piece of software is now presented on your download page if you have ordered multiple products. Instead of downloading each sound file by itself, you can now click “Select All” and then click “Download selected files as one big .zip file”.

Our server will unzip each individual file that you have purchased, re-zip them all into one big .zip file, and hand this file over to your browser – for saving to your hard drive. Once downloaded, you simply unzip it and find all your purchased files inside.

This feature will be particularly useful for those who purchase “All sounds” in a sound effects package (typically 25-50 sounds) or “All versions” of a track that exist in many different edits / versions / mixes. We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature. Just one of the several things we are doing this spring/summer to upgrade and improve our site for our customers.

Bjorn Lynne

Bjørn Arild Lynne is a Norwegian sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He was also known as a tracker music composer under the name "Dr. Awesome" in the demoscene in the 1980s and 1990s when he released tunes in MOD format and made music for Amiga games

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