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Article writing opportunities at Shockwave-Sound.com2 min read are looking for talented people to write articles on the subject of media production, video production, post production, audio production and music composition, for our website.

We will pay US$ 150.00 for each published article. Plus, each published article contains an “About the author” blurb at the bottom including a permanent link to any website of your choice. gets almost 4,000 unique visitors per day, and frankly, that web link is probably worth more than the $150 cash payment, if you look at it that way.

Articles must be in well written English, should preferably be somewhere between 1,000 and 2,500 words in length, and each article must include a few illustrations or photos — just to make the page look more interesting, not just text, text, text.

We can also publish video articles, video tutorials, video reviews etc. We can make the video play in a window on our website. If we do this, we need to also print a transcript of the video on the webpage, underneath the video player. So if you want to make a video article, be sure to also type out the words spoken in the video and hand in this text along with your video.

Subjects for the articles can be anything to do with video production, media production, post production, audio production, mixing, composing, editing, etc. It can be about music use, music composition, sound development, etc. but also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about music or sound. It can be about other video- or media production aspects. Filming, film editing, dubbing, video effects, etc. It can be a tutorial of some sort, a review of a product, or anything else that may be of genuine interest for people who work in media production.

A couple of examples of existing articles:

Should you be interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with through the contact us page.

Feel free to forward this page, or a link to it, to mailing lists, forums, groups, twitters, or anywhere else where you feel somebody could be interested in it. Thank you.

Bjorn Lynne

Bjørn Arild Lynne is a Norwegian sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He was also known as a tracker music composer under the name "Dr. Awesome" in the demoscene in the 1980s and 1990s when he released tunes in MOD format and made music for Amiga games

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