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This song is to represent the feeling that anything is possible, that there is new excitement in your life. Listening to this makes you want to smile and bop up and down. Addresses emotions such as hurt, past loves, ignored, and heartbroken. The lyrics are about that spark you feel with the arrival of a new potential relationship and you're so excited that you just can't contain yourself. You feel weightless and hopeful. Available as a vocal version and an instrumental version.

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Track ID number: 13869
Genres: Vocal Singer-Songwriter: Royalty free music with vocals
Moods/Emotions: Happy / Joyful / Positive -- Homey / Cozy / Wholesome -- Sexy / Flirtatious / Erotic
Suggested Production Types: Drama / Personal stories -- Love Story / Romance -- TV Commercial - Quirky / Fun
Prominent Instruments: Guitar (Acoustic) -- Vocals (Female) / Singing with Lyrics
Keywords / Hints: happy, upbeat, fun, relationship, romance, guitar, female vocals, boy meets girl, love, crushes, taking chances, fall in love, dancing, sunshine, hopeful, sparks, acoustic, jazzy, pop, indie, talking, heartbroken, heart brake, hurt, past love, sharing, singer-songwriter, piano
Tempo feel: Medium -- Fast
Tempo Beats Per Minute: 69
Artist: Liz Akhavan
Composer: Liz Akhavan
Publisher: Liz Akhavan
SRCO (Sound Recording Copyright Owner): Liz Akhavan
PRO / Non-PRO Track? PRO (What's this?)
WAV file bit depth: CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
Stem files available for this track: No
Lyrics: Wake up, get up now
The sun's brightly shining, cause he likes you.
Stayed up for hours, never felt tired, just kept talking.

Talking about your favorite songs
You asked him about his day at work
Talking about nothing at all.

Start taking chances for maybe romances
Learn some new dances,
Share stolen glances
You might just be falling into love.
Don't ask any questions
Don't look for suggestion
Ignore the objections,
He's left an impression
Just let yourself fall into love, into love

Tried to stay focused,
You just can't quit smiling, cause you like him.
Stayed up for hours, never felt better, just kept talking.

Talking about your stupid friends,
He asked you about your day at work.
Talking about nothing at all.


Forget about the boys who have left you
And how you were left to
Pick up the pieces
Of everything you worked so hard to make, to make
Forget about the boys who ignored you
And how they have hurt you, or just didn't love you
That caused your heart to break

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About the Artist
Liz Akhavan Liz Akhavan

Liz Akhavan, a solo artist from Minneapolis, MN, is best known for her inviting voice and unparalleled vocal control, while weaving in lounge style piano melodies, jazzy guitar leads and percussion that will keep your ears guessing. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing this talented, neo-soul vocalist has been left awestruck by her warmly organic vocal style. Liz has been invited to perform guest vocals, live and in the studio, for national acts such as Quietdrive (Body out of Bed - 2010), Chase Coy (If the Moon Fell Down - 2010), and local/touring acts such as Jamestown Story (Had It All - 2011), Take Cover (Waiting in the Moment - 2010), and All The Right Moves (Pretend (Acoustic) - 2009). Liz's music is reminiscent of her jazz/pop melody roots while fostering a mature musical style eve-ryone will enjoy.

Don't let that sweet smile fool you; lyrically relatable and vocally powerful, every listener will be wanting more.

[Please note: This artist does not want their music to be used in Adult films or any other Adult content].