Stock Music track: Lanner Steyrische Tanze (Styrian Dances)

Styrian Dances (Steyrische Tanze) / Dances de Styrie / Danze Stririane - By Josef Lanner. Arranged and produced by Roman Seekirchner of Seekirchner GmbH and conducted by Vladimir Kiradjiev. T11384 32.95 32.95

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Genres: Lanner
Moods/Emotions: Happy / Joyful / Positive -- Angelic / Heavenly / Delightful -- Regal / Majestic / Honorable -- Classy / Elegant / Exclusive
Suggested Production Types: Historical: Older History / Ancient -- House Makeover / Property Show
Prominent Instruments: Full orchestra
Keywords / Hints: josef lanner classical
Tempo feel: Medium
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Artist: Lanner, Josef -- Roman Seekirchner
Composer: Lanner, Josef -- Roman Seekirchner (none)
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Album containing this track:  Classical Strauss & Lanner Picture Music collection: Classical Strauss & Lanner
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About the Artist
Lanner, Josef Lanner, Josef

Josef Lanner
April 12, 1801 – April 14, 1843

Josef Franz Lanner was an Austrian violinist and composer. Lanner’s strongest contribution to classical music was his reinvention of the waltz. Previously the waltz was thought as a simple peasant dance. Lanner’s works made the dance popular with the nobles and peasants alike.

Lanner’s musical skill on the violin was entirely self-taught. He joined a small orchestra before assembling a quartet of his own. The group grew along with its popularity, and eventually became a full orchestra, with Lanner conducting. They began to play at carnivals. Such was their popularity that Lanner brought on Johann Strauss I to lead a second group.

The pair eventually severed acrimoniously, which led to a lifelong rivalry (although they eventually reconciled). Lanner’s waltzes remained popular, and he was eventually hired as Musik-Direktor of the Redoutensäle in the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

He later died from typhus in 1843.

Notable works:
Hofballtänze Walzer
Die Werber Waltz
Die Romantiker Waltz
Die Schönbrunner Walzer

About the Artist
Roman Seekirchner

Roman Seekirchner of Seekirchner GmbH and MusikPartner arranges classical music and had their recordings done in Vienna with conductor Vladimir Kiradjiev. Their recordings are now exclusively available to license royalty-free through