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Free laughing sounds in WAV or MP3. Choose between free WAV files and licensed WAV files
Free Human Sounds

Free laughing sound effects WAV / MP3

These free laugh sound effects were not created by Shockwave-Sound.Com. We gathered these sounds from the internet and they are generally considered free for personal use. We do not guarantee their quality, and cannot grant any license for them, other than strictly personal / home use. To download the files, simply right-click and choose "Save Target As...". Please do not link directly to the files from another site. By all means, feel free to link to this page. All below sounds are WAV files but can easily be converted to MP3 files.

Bully sarcastic ha-ha laugh (MP3) Laughing man 6 (WAV) Laughing man 2 (WAV)
Canned Laughter (MP3) Laughing man 7 (WAV) Laughing man 3 (WAV)
Giddy Laugh (MP3) Laugh Slow (WAV) Laughing man 4 (WAV)
Giddy Laugh (WAV) People Laugh (WAV) Slow Laugh (WAV)
Laugh cartoon (WAV) Silly Chipmunk Laugh (MP3) Silly High Pitched Laugh (MP3)

High quality licensed laughing sounds

If you need laugh sound effects that are of a more consistent quality, legally cleared, created by professionals at Shockwave-Sound.Com and comes with a guaranteed royalty-free license for use in your media, you can purchase these from our Human Sound and Voices genre, where you'll find professional quality sneeze sounds, slurp sounds, eating and drinking sounds, walking, talking, coughing, yawning, gulping, sighing and much more. All in full CD quality WAV files, available for immediate download. When purchased, they are legally licensed to you for use in all your media projects -- commercial and non-commercial.

Other great royalty-free, licensed audio from Shockwave-Sound.Com:

Sound Effects Collection:
Cartoon & Comedy Super Pack 1

A funny and charming collection of comedy sounds, cartoon sound effects, wild and wacky sounds and effects, all professionally produced by the team, and all 100% copyright cleared, ready for you to use royalty-free in all your media projects, after buying the product for a one-time fee. For a full track listing, product description and audio previews, click here.


Sound Effects genre:
Human Sounds and Voices

We have an entire Genre dedicated to human sound effects, including vocals / vocalizing, grunts and umphs, pain sounds and exclamations, slurping, coughing, eating, sneezing, yawning, gurgling, walking and running, working out, applauding. Large crowds, medium crowds and small crowds, and much more. All available to license and download in full CD-quality WAV files. Check it out.


Royalty Free Soundtrack Music:
Light hearted / Playful / Comedy

If you need royalty-free music, guaranteed copyright cleared and available for you to use in your films, games, multimedia presentations, videos or other projects, look no further. Try our collection of whimsical soundtrack music, suitable for light entertainment / light hearted films, comic subjects and playful scenes. All tracks can be previewed, purchased with a royalty-free license, and downloaded immediately in MP3 or WAV format. Browse this genre.

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