Sound Effect track: Boom Mutate Organic Designed

ABSTRACT AND CREATIVELY INSPIRING: BIOLOGICAL MUTATION SOUND EFFECTS: BOOM Library’s newest sound effects outgrowth has surfaced: MUTATE ORGANIC, the deliciously abnormal collection of mutating and morphing lifeforms and rogue organic matter. Discover the full spectrum of size, dampness and abnormal movement this library provides in its ready-to-use Designed collection. WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS LIBRARY? Capturing the essence of fictional sounds is always a challenge. The sounds we want to depict only exist in our heads until we find just the right things to record in the right way or create from scratch using synthesizers. Sometimes unexpected things happen, which can only be found through experimentation. It is all the more pleasing when listening back to our finished sounds and seeing them come alive before our inner eyes. MUTATE ORGANIC nails the sounds we set out to achieve, but can be used for so much more, due to many of its abstract elements. As a result for us, and hopefully for you too, it will tag along as a faithful companion for many sound design projects to come. MUTATE ORGANIC DESIGNED: THE MEAT OF THE LIBRARY. The Designed package offers a rich selection of ready-to-use mutation sounds, perfect for any kind of video production and designing to motion picture. It’s also perfect to kickstart your own designs. Each sound file comes with multiple variations, so editing, layering and combining your own sound assets is also possible and very satisfying. The fleshy detail of the Construction Kit with an intimidating low-end and maximum dynamic impact make this Designed collection a force to be reckoned with. T23965 108.95 108.95

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Track ID number: 23965
Genres: Space sounds, sci-fi sounds, futuristic sounds -- Horror Sounds - Dark Scifi & Fantasy Sounds -- Animal Sounds
Artist: Boom Library
Composer: Boom Library
Publisher: Shockwave-Sound.Com Royalty Free
WAV file bit depth: HD / 24-Bit and CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
CD-collection containing this track: Boom Mutate Organic Designed Picture Boom Mutate Organic Designed
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