Sound Effect track: Boom Geothermal - Stereo edition

GEOTHERMAL – 3D SURROUND AMBIENCES. Yellowstone National Park, this library transports the listener to someplace far away from Earth – although sounds represent the primal geological processes of our beautiful planet. Whether you are designing for daunting underground environments or films somewhere else in our solar system, draw from the rich sonic details in this collection and fill your fictional realm with uniqueness and character – all in incredibly immersive 3D SURROUND! [NOTE: THIS product is the STEREO DOWNMIX, not the Surround version). The 3D SURROUND version is available separately. T23667 54.95 54.95

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Track ID number: 23667
Genres: Nature sounds, environment sounds, outdoor sounds...
Artist: Boom Library
Composer: Boom Library
Publisher: Shockwave-Sound.Com Royalty Free
WAV file bit depth: HD / 24-Bit and CD-quality / 16-bit (What's this?)
CD-collection containing this track:  Boom Geothermal - Stereo edition Picture Sound-FX collection: Boom Geothermal - Stereo edition
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