Retro 1950 / 1970 / 1980 etc. Albums - Stock Music Collections

Vintage royalty free music stock collections. The golden 50s and 60s, the funky, disco sound of the 70s and the unique sound of the 80s.

You will also find historical music - medieval folk or sounds inspired by the American West.

This stock music can be used in a wide range of projects - sci-fi, crime, action movies, "elevator music", TV themes and commercials, music for video games and also for comedy, slapstick projects and more.

The price of the music collection includes a license for commercial and public use of the music, as per our license.

If you're interested in a large bulk purchase (5 or more of the below albums), please see this page for bulk discounts.

Retro 1950 / 1970 / 1980 etc.