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A touching, melancholic and emotive, yet caressing and softly flowing music track, featuring several piano layers and airy, flautando string ensemble with accentuated cello. This track builds from a quiet beginning and moves into a somewhat more open-hearted middle part, before returning to the reflective warmth for the final part. Graceful music / Light touch / Timeless. [Tempo: Slow / 100 BPM]

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A heartening, warm and inspiring, cinematic track featuring small string ensemble and piano. String ensemble is colorful blend of piziccato and flautando articulation, with a soft and gentle sound. Beautiful / Graceful / Soft / Elegant / Caring. [The 'Radio Edit' version has been edited to reduce the 'intensity' of the most dramatic/climax part of the track. This could make it less suitable for drama, advertising etc. where you need a build-up to a climax, but more even-going, more suitable for just listening.] [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 140 BPM]

A soft and mellow cinematic pop track featuring piano and strings. Calm and easy-going, but also kind of uplifting. Hopeful / Sincere / Graceful / Beauty. [The 'Radio Edit' version has been edited to reduce the 'intensity' of the most dramatic/climax part of the track. This could make it less suitable for drama, advertising etc. where you need a build-up to a climax, but more even-going, more suitable for just listening.] [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

Uplifting, cinematic chamber music track featuring small string orchestra and piano. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this is a classical sounding piece, suitable as music for scenes of movement and happiness. [Tempo: Medium / 115 BPM]

A graceful, uplifting and inspirational, cinematic music track featuring strings and orchestral instruments mixed with synthesizers. Great for trailers, films, TV and motivational videos. Luxurious, hopeful music feel. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

A touching, melancholic and intimate music piece with piano and chamber strings, with ambient textures. Delicate / Sentimental music / Softly flowing. [Tempo: Slow / 140 BPM]

A reflective, melancholic and wistful royalty free music soundtrack featuring a pulsating kalimba, piano and a gentle string ensemble. Thoughtful, insightful and contemplative, this track will go well with many types of melancholy, reflective, introspective and serious content, as well as scenes of nature, landscapes, community and charity, people and relationships. [Tempo: Slow / 135 BPM]

A poignant, rising, positive and emotional royalty free track featuring string orchestra, cellos, piano and synth bass. With an inspirational, motivating and optimistic mood, this track is somewhat epic, but still also mellow and romantic. Suitable for emotional, passionate and uplifting footage, thoughtful and passionate content, human relations, overcoming difficulties and coming home. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

Light ambient / classical / cinematic underscore. Delightful and melodic, with gentle piano and strings. Hopeful and reassuring. Works with spiritual, meditation, contemplation, reflection, nature and love scenes. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 100 BPM]

A neutral track, great for a transparent background in video games or story documentaries, puzzle-solving, finding clues, detective work, investigation, crime. A sense of mystical magic and enchantment is painted subtly in the background. Useful for long plays with a looping 4 minute time. Features dark mellow piano, mystical harp, horns, exotic percussion and strings. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 0 BPM]

A delightful, delicate and pretty waltz with a French or European folk music influence. Excellent for travel, history, culture, advertising and more. Tasteful / Understated / Cozy / Music of Europe, Paris, France. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 160 BPM]

Soft, delicate and graceful, this Cinematic Chamber Pop track flows effortlessly, with light strings and piano. Bright, hopeful, uplifting and inspirational. [Tempo: Medium / 115 BPM]

An uplifting, heartening and inspirational, Cinematic Pop piece. Like a soaring 'main theme', this semi-orchestral track rises up to a grand and passionate 'big sky' part, before settling back down and returning to its origins. Inspiring / Motivational / Amazement / Wonderment / Emotional. [Tempo: Slow / 90 BPM]

An intriguing and developing, cinematic piano piece. Great as background for a developing story, drama, film, vlog, culture, art and storytelling of all kinds. The music is alluring, slightly mystical quality which makes it both appealing and inviting, but also somewhat pensive, questioning and quizzical. Timeless and interesting. [Tempo: Medium / 120 BPM]

Neo classical music with a flowing, emotive, touching mood. Melancholy / Wistful / Hopeful / Longing. A sense of delicate, fragile beauty and hope. Orchestra arrangement with piano, strings, horns, woodwinds and vibraphone. Great for movie soundtrack, film & TV drama, storytelling. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 181 BPM]

Affectionate and hopeful, softly uplifting and heartwarming music. Light orchestra with piano. Innocence / Sincerity / Hope / Friendship / Love. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 128 BPM]

Filled with joy and innocence, this light orchestral piece carries a sense of family, friendship, easy pleasure and effortless, caring, fun. Neo-classical music, suitable for film and media of many types. Appealing and uplifting. [Tempo: Medium / 86 BPM]

An introspective piano gently blossoms like a thought or an idea manifesting into reality. Lots of space offers an opportunity to wrap this music around a spoken narrative though working equally well accompanying visuals as a solo piece. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

A playful & captivating scene-setting theme with echoes of hidden depths & secret passions. Builds from a simple piano & harp into a dramatic flurry of orchestral strings, which then melt into a deep yearning for half-forgotten dreams. [Tempo: Medium / 87 BPM]

Calm, easy, soothing and meditative Piano with soft strings. Mellow, delicate, warm and comforting. [Tempo: Slow / 110 BPM]

Romantic and dreamy French waltz jazz, with a musette melody and elegant orchestrations. Think Paris at night, elegant Parisian scenes and people. Tradition, history and European culture. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 123 BPM]

Dreamy, neo-classical, simple piano, slow waltz. Nostalgic / Longing / Reflective / Delicate / Fragile / Innocent. [Tempo: Slow / 75 BPM]

Touching and nostalgic, warm and tender piano piece. Fragile and delicately flowing. Neo-classical / Ambient piano work for reflection, contemplation and love / intimacy. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

A delicate and deliciously noir piano piece with subtle orchestral strings. Melancholic and introspective, with a slight sense of mystery and sensuality, this is an elegantly flowing neo-classical composition. Great for drama, film, storytelling, and setting a contemplative mood. We have this track in a "clean piano version" as well as an "old nostalgic piano version". [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

A very joyful, uplifting and blossoming piece of Cinematic Pop or 'Chamber Pop' music with a focus on light orchestral instruments. Endearing melodies flow and sway gracefullly, as the song builds up to a heartening and emotive crescendo around the 2 minute mark. This is a track of amazement, wonderment, with a tender touch. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 170 BPM]

A romantic orchestral piece that gradually builds up and strives towards a climax. Dreamily gliding along, it enchants with tranquility and peace. [Tempo: Slow / 90 BPM]

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A heartening and poignant, uplifting and joyful, touching and sentimental piece of Cinematic Pop / Orchestral Pop with a Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Pop sound. The music starts from a gentle play of piano and strings, and blossoms into a sweeping and soaring, inspirational and joyful dance, before returning to its source towards the end. Graceful, flowing and full of wonderment. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium / 110 BPM]

A dramatic, semi-orchestral and cinematic track filled with rousing emotions, building tension. A sense of witnessing history in the making, amazement and heroism. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 90 BPM]

An endearing, bright, positive and sunny piece in Cinematic Pop / Chamber music sound. Very family-friendly, jovial and lighthearted music. [Tempo: Medium / 155 BPM]

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Active, bustling and inspirational Cinematic Pop or Chamber Pop track featuring both subtle and rich orchestration elements, and a very uplifting, spirited, inspiring mood. Class, grace, dignity, achievement. Regal / Joyful / Positive. Will work as a film score soundtrack, or for advertising, travel, family and good times - and more. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium / 102 BPM]

This string-focused track takes the listener on a journey - danger/apprehension felt throughout, with hints of hope. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 120 BPM]

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An uplifting, emotive, heartening and inspirational music track featuring a small chamber ensemble, piano and bells. Touching / Endearing / Pleasing / Spirited. [The 'Radio Edit' version has been edited to reduce the 'intensity' of the most dramatic/climax part of the track. This could make it less suitable for drama, advertising etc. where you need a build-up to a climax, but more even-going music, more suitable for just listening.] [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 100 BPM]

A very transparent music track with a chamber orchestra arrangement, featuring strings, woodwinds and marimba. Playful, active, forward moving and determined mood, suitable for drama, storytelling and much more. Timeless, elegant and stately music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 165 BPM]

An uplifting and inspirational, semi-orchestral, cinematic track. The music grows and develops, reaching higher and ends up soaring high in a positive, inspiring mood. Endearing / Timeless / Joyful / Positive / Inspired. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 82 BPM]

A pleasant, timeless and elegant piece of 'chamber pop'. Classical music elements in a kind of Pop setting. Classy, luxurious and inviting. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Epic, emotional cinematic royalty free music composition that brings the feelings of inspiration with heroic melodies and harmonies. Suitable as music for trailers, films and documentaries. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

An endearing, cinematic, growing and developing piece of music that starts with some gentle notes in a chamber orchestra sound, and then grows and builds, into a more grand and lush orchestral soundtrack. Full of wonderment, care, love and emotion, this is a soaring and heartening piece that will go well with many types of film productions. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 150 BPM]

A positive, soaring and uplifting orchestral music track with a winter holiday feel. An uplifting emotional theme is reinforced with a beautiful glockenspiel bell and piano melody surrounded by a large string ensemble orchestration. Piano melodies and background elements bring a cinematic and film score quality to this music piece. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 135 BPM]

A fragile and introspective, melancholic and longing acoustic track with a sense of old Europe / Italy / France / Sicily or other traditional European culture. Sparse sound with acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin and solemn trumpet, backed by sparse jazz drums and upright bass. A feeling of loss or hopelessness. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 60 BPM]

Happy-go-lucky, swinging, Broadway style big band Jazz. Romantic and upbeat with punchy brass, melody on soprano sax and trumpet and rhythm section of drums, bass and guitar. Great for theatrical productions, romantic comedies, commercials, nostalgic moments and 30s-60s period drama tv and film. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 125 BPM]

This is true romance, the classic way. A beautiful evening at the beach, looking up at the stars. Features a beautiful woodwind and strings melody with lush piano arpeggios. Suitable for a romantic trailer or a special moment in a production. [Tempo: Slow / 0 BPM]

Slow, thoughtful, beautiful, spacious, cinematic, serene, dreamy and atmospheric. Piano and strings piece with regal power and an air of melancholy or tragedy. Would suit romantic / period drama / historical / documentary type projects. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 90 BPM]

This orchestral, neo classical piece starts quietly and grows into a crescendo of wonderment and fulfilment. A solo soprano voice combines with orchestral strings, contemporary drums and subtle ethnic flutes to create a track with a lot of emotional impact. This piece can be suitable for many things, including special project presentations and much more. Classic, classy and elegant. Freedom / expression. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 152 BPM]

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A neo-classical piece with a sense of dignity, history and timeless elegance. Equally suitable as music for current-day affairs and drama, as for historical / period dramas. Great as a main theme for a series or a one-off presentation. Classy and elegant, with a waltz rhythm. Available with or without an opera type, live soprano vocal. [Tempo: Medium / 146 BPM]

A neo-classical piece with a sense of reflection, dignity, history and timeless elegance. An underlying sorrow or sadness balanced with an angelic beauty. Fragile and delicate, with a solo soprano vocal and a solo violin. [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

A pretty, swaying waltz for orchestra and piano. Neo classical music highly suitable for film, television, commercials and more. Light, delicate and graceful. [Tempo: Slow / 108 BPM]

A rhythmic, soaring, orchestral / neo classical piece. After a pensive, rhythmic start, the piece grows, builds, increases into a soaring piece of amazement and wonder. It has a slight sense of mystery, and an emotive feel, as if something of grave importance is unfolding. This will work well for nature / natural world, dramas / personal stories, storytelling / film and television. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 72 BPM]

Delicate, romantic piece led by piano and accompanied by symphonic orchestral. Romantic, friendly, family ties and good memories. [Tempo: Slow / 57 BPM]

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Classical/Contemporary. Exciting, Romantic, Pensive, Soulful. Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Violin. Epic/Historical. New classical. Feel of Europe. [Tempo: Slow / 69 BPM]

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