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A groovy and fun drums music track, which builds to thumping drums and playful percussion to create excitement and high energy. A track based on drumming and occasional vocal expressions (no actual words). [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 105 BPM]

After a suggestive, slow and simmering opening, this track grows to an epic, majestic, larger than life, massive impact, dramatic orchestral track with choir and solo voice. The track has a wistful undertow, suggesting struggle, honor, dignity, overcoming, achievement / aspiration, triumph and victory against hardship. Very epic, goosebumps time. Suitable for epic productions, sports footage, dramatic trailers, sci-fi / fantasy / adventure and more. Also available as a Rock Mix with added power guitars and rock drums, and as an alternative version without the choir. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Upbeat and uplifting EDM groove with a light, tropical music feel. Friends / Feelgood / Positive music. [Tempo: Medium / 124 BPM]

A fresh comedy swing track for silly and quirky media projects like commercials, tv shows, cartoons, jokes and more. The track features a walking bass line, a cool groove on drums, hand claps, and a wacky jazz guitar lead! Horns help ad entertainment and silliness to the tune. There are versions without the melody so check those out too. [Tempo: Fast / 216 BPM]

Upbeat world fusion music track. Arabic / Latino... A fusion in strings, bouzouki , piano. Good music for travel, holiday, fun and adventure, exciting world discovery. A fresh joyful mood. Excited, celebratory. [Tempo: Fast / 125 BPM]

Festive Flamenco meets EDM, think Rio Carnival at peak hour - Ideal music for party and celebration scenes, health and beauty. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 118 BPM]

A very appealing, heartening and uplifting music with a repeated piano ostinato and soaring, emotive melodies. Rising high, soaring above. Passionate, graceful and inspirational music track. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 155 BPM]

Lively guitar strumming kicks off this energetic, very emotional piece, followed by gradually layered kick drum, hand clapping, piano, bass, banjo, and finally strings. From grass roots to full-blown completion in 60 seconds, this ditty could be used to inspire pride, patriotism, big country, freedom, accomplishments, rebirth. [Tempo: Medium / 103 BPM]

A lively and pretty string section weaves repeating patterns of joy and brightness. This music track grows and develops over time and a proud drum beat joins in from about half way through. Neo-classical, celebratory, elegant, graceful, spirited and uplifting music. [Tempo: Medium / 138 BPM]

An inspirational and upbeat, feel-good Indie Pop / Light rock anthem. Available with or without the vocal hooks. [Tempo: Medium / 122 BPM]

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A grand and emotional neo-classical orchestral soundtrack, of heroic victories and achievement. Here, the typical orchestral elements combine with a pop-style drum beat, creating entirely new emotions. It consistently builds up to a climax and then fades away again. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 118 BPM]

Opening on a simple but haunting Cello theme, this track grows over time to an upbeat and optimistic climax featuring piano, strings and synths. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow, Medium / 100 BPM]

Majestic orchestral music for grand, soaring, touching, moving moments. [Tempo: Slow / 90 BPM]

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Peaceful, beautiful and thought provoking, emotive Rock music. Ethereal, magical, enticing and with gradually building momentum and intensity as it moves along towards its final, soaring destination. [Tempo: Medium / 123 BPM]

A dramatic, but uplifting, spirited and regal, hero theme. Full orchestra with huge percussion / drums play a heroic theme, like soldiers' homecoming, a daring rescue mission, or awe inspiring, spine tingling, heroes entry. Forces of good, rising up to battle evil or save the day. Good for disaster movie, rescue and reality TV, Hollywood style productions. (A note about the version described as 'Stage Mix': This version is recorded with the reverb/ambiance of a concert hall, making it sound somewhat more 'distant' from the listener and, some would say, more 'live') [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 75 BPM]

Inspiring and uplifting, featuring vocal melodies and driving acoustic guitar. Grows and develops into a more energetic, achievement type part for the chorus.

[Tempo: Medium, Fast / 130 BPM]

Simple rhythm guitar and hand clapping start out this happy, uplifting and motivational piece. A homey, folksy feel at first, it develops through added vibes and piano, then kicking up with drums and strings and mandolin. A brief pause in the action to “enjoy the moment” and then you’re back in the midst. You have a strong sense of new opportunities, doors opening wide, or something exciting on the horizon, all adding to the positive feeling of “Let’s go do something amazing, right now, ok?” [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 127 BPM]

Motivating, exciting and energetic music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, catchy riffs, beautiful solos, bass guitar and powerful drums. Begins with a peaceful acoustic rhythm guitar and evolves to triumphant parts with overdrive rhythm guitars and powerful drums with screaming solos. Emotional and inspiring music piece that brings the feelings of accomplishment and success. [Tempo: Medium / 94 BPM]

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Inspiring, uplifting and motivating music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion and powerful drums. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 125 BPM]

Jean-Joseph Mouret - Fanfares Suite 1. Fanfares pour des Trompettes, Timbales, Violons et Hautbois. Première Suitte, Rondeau in D Major. Also often referred to simply as the "Rondeau by Mouret" or the "Mouret Rondo". 100% live string quintet performance - no computers, no samples. Arranged and recorded exclusively for Lynne Publishing. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 0 BPM]

Funky Disco House track great for use with fashion, sport, gaming and advertising, as well as upbeat party scenes. Fresh, uplifting and stompin'. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 122 BPM]

An inspiring orchestral cinematic track featuring piano and orchestra.  The track begins with an emotional and thoughtful piano progression and builds up nicely in an "emotional journey to success" type feeling. The music comes back down to breathe, then the strings come in to lift the audience into a feeling of joy, success, victory and celebration. The piece climaxes and then the piano arpeggio finishes the story off with a soft emotional touch. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 0 BPM]

A melodic and spirited, uplifting Pop / Disco / Dance music track. Good energy level and positive, free-flying melodies with piano and strings, over a strong dance / nu-disco beat. [Tempo: Fast / 128 BPM]

Inspirational, corporate rock royalty free stock music track, positive and uplifting. Works with most Sports, epic adventures, advertising and more - this track is a kind of 'understated epic'. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 140 BPM]

Celebratory, explorative, triumphant, anticipation music. Suggests embarking on a journey, joyful triumph over struggle, quick/festive motion, or angelic exultation. Full orchestra, choir, world and western percussion. Victory / Classical / Uplifting Music. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 0 BPM]

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A melodic and spirited, uplifting Pop / Disco / Dance music track. Good energy level and positive, free-flying melodies with piano and strings, over a strong dance / nu-disco beat. [Tempo: Medium / 118 BPM]

A heroic, triumphant and semi-dark music track with a victory or hero feel. Honorable, valiant. Mostly orchestral, but rock drums joins in for a good, strong, driven feel. Majestic / Epic / Rousing / Achievement music. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 80 BPM]

A positive and inspiring track featuring world / ethnic elements from many parts of the world. Can be African, Middle East, South American or other ancient / tribal world cultures. Use for travel, discovery, amazing journeys, world harmony. Uplifting and celebratory. Hang Drum, Mbira, Flutes, piano, nylon guitar, various percussion including Taiko, Tamborine and african drums. Available with or without ethnic vocals. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

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Capturing the beauty and mystery of the cosmic realm, 'Dawn of the Cosmos' is an empowering track that will work great in a soundtrack for a film, a game, or a documentary, This track will inspire you to explore the secrets of the universe. Within and without. [Tempo: Very slow, Slow / 63 BPM]

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A bright and sparkly, mid-tempo pop / pop-rock track with an inspiring / inspirational feel. Positive and sincere. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

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A happy, easy and care-free Afrobeats / Reggaeton / Tropical pop chill out track. The reggaeton beats combine with flowing chords, afrobeat type guitars and wavey, creamy pads and marimbas. A nice track for just feeling the joy of summer vacations, travel and holiday, and happy, relaxing, care-free days of summer fun and joyful experiences. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium / 100 BPM]

A big, epic music track featuring classical orchestra, piano, choir and crushing, deep hits and impacts. A pompous, celebratory melody performed by choir. Suitable as music for epic, heroic and inspirational media. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 95 BPM]

A dark and dramatic, cinematic track. Similar to the work of, say, Hans Zimmer, this track was recorded with actual live performed orchestral instruments in combination with samples, and a live performing soprano solo vocalist. Rousing, dramatic, soaring and spine tingling, with increasing intensity throughout. [Tempo: Medium / 90 BPM]

Upbeat, happy-go-lucky rhythm guitar sets the mood for this tune with a catchy, simple keyboard melody line, backed by strings. Family road trip singalong feel. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 126 BPM]

Joseph Haydn - Symphony No. 104 ("London Symphony") in D Major, Hob. I:104. Movement 1: Adagio - Allegro. Arranged and recorded exclusively for Lynne Publishing. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 0 BPM]

An energetic and driving classic rock / indie rock / stomp music track with attitude, swagger and gusto. High energy rock n roll. Full of confidence, flair, style and 'yeah factor'. [Tempo: Fast, Very fast / 184 BPM]

A heavy rock track infused with synth elements, igniting the adrenaline of warriors preparing for an epic battle. Influenced by Japanese action cartoons and Manga heroes, its relentless energy and raw power make it the perfect accompaniment for action sequences, climactic showdowns, or any scene where the stakes are high and heroes are gearing up to face their ultimate challenge. [Tempo: Fast / 130 BPM]

A fresh take on a classic House sound gives a feeling of moving forward, hazy summer parties and happy memories. Positive and uplifting, great for festival/beach party, youth programming, fashion and travel. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 126 BPM]

Determined, formidable, dark, driven, aggressive & unstoppable rock track with a epic sense of power & foreboding. Grand, gutsy, edgy, gritty, fiery, intense & malevolent. Would suit action / thriller / extreme sports / combat / military type projects. [Tempo: Medium / 104 BPM]

Shuffle jazz tune recorded on Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Double bass and Drums. Very optimistic with high energy. Happy solos and vibrant ending. [Tempo: Medium / 117 BPM]

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A tension and suspense music bringing the rising power of orchestra, large brass ensemble and explosive and powerful percussion ensemble. Amazement / Uprising / Glory / Grandeur. [Tempo: Slow, Medium / 85 BPM]

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Reflective, emotive, piano with orchestra. Features violin and viola trills accompanied by a warm piano. Building until the end. Contemplative / Melancholic / Drama Music. [Tempo: Slow / 70 BPM]

Noir, post-rock music track with electronic shades. Calm and passionate guitar main theme rise up to explosion on the outro. Spatial guitar glitched beds with groovy acoustic drum and bass section. [Tempo: Slow / 68 BPM]

Set of 2 music loops
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An uplifting, passionate and epic orchestral track. Large percussion hits and string swells with a heroic theme. Darker opening lifts up to a positive and inspiring melody with a big buildup towards the end of the track. Soaring / Heroic / Valiant / Amazing. [Tempo: Slow / 111 BPM]

Swoopey gliding sawtooth synth tones carry you along on this fun music, with a driving groove of bass and drums that give it an almost middle eastern feel at the beginning. It then becomes much more rock/dance style rhythm-wise, with incredible energy and a fast-moving catchy melody swooping all throughout. This piece makes you want to take some sort of action, irresistibly drawing you in. Harem dancing and dance fever all in one, switching back and forth between the two, with an intense beat and counterpoint melodies going simultaneously. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 125 BPM]

A heroic and epic orchestra music track for big screens and big productions. Growing in intensity throughout, this cinematic trailer track features a full orchestra sound with choir and marching percussion. Driving and forceful. Triumphant, determined and strong. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 84 BPM]

An uplifting and inspirational, semi-orchestral, cinematic track. The music grows and develops, reaching higher and ends up soaring high in a positive, inspiring mood. Endearing / Timeless / Joyful / Positive / Inspired. (Stem files available.) [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 82 BPM]

Johann Strauss (Jr.): Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring) in B-flat major, Op. 410. Music performed and recorded exclusively for Lynne Publishing. [Tempo: Medium, Fast / 0 BPM]

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