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Hip Hop Week! 30% off all Hip-Hop Beatz albums until Sunday April 4th, 2021

We’re celebrating the release of our new album “Hip Hop Beatz, Vol. 10”, featuring 11 funky, hard-hitting, high impact and gritty Hip Hop & Trap tracks, with a week of 30% off all Hip Hop Beatz albums!

If you need high-quality production music in Hip-Hop and Trap for your media productions, be sure to take advantage of this offer within Sunday 4th of April, 2021.

Hip Hop Beatz, Vol. 10

Finding the details of a YouTube copyright claim and who’s claiming what

If you have an active copyright claim on your YouTube video, it may be useful for you to find exactly what is being claimed, and by whom, so that the claim can be dealt with.

  1. Ensure you are logged into your YouTube account.
  2. Click the icon near the top right of the screen and click YouTube Studio.
  3. In the menu on the left-hand side, click “Content”.
  4. Above the list of videos that comes up, click “Filter” -> “Copyright claims”. Now you see a list of the videos that have active copyright claims on them.
  5. Hold the mouse button over “Copyright claim” in the list, and “See details” comes up. Click it.
  6. Now you see a pop-up window that shows the details of the copyright claim. It could be useful to take a screenshot here, or just note the exact information about what’s being claimed, and who’s claiming it.
  7. When you send the information and ask to have the claim released, remember to also include a link to the video.
The below image shows an example of the YouTube copyright claim detail page. In this case, the music is “Hotwired 1-8466” by Dr. Awesome, it’s being claimed by CD Baby on behalf of Lynne Publishing.
Youtube Copyright claim

Youtube Copyright claim

It’s important to understand that a “copyright claim” is not the same thing as a “copyright strike”. A copyright claim is a much less dramatic event; it does not cause the video to be blocked, muted or removed, and it does not have any negative effect on the uploader’s YouTube account standing. It does, however, mean that you cannot monetize the video.

If you have licensed music from Shockwave-Sound and you get a copyright claim on your video, getting it released is usually a simple matter. Just send us the information: Link to your video. Details of the claim. We’ll get it released. It’s usually done in a few hours.

Action Week: March 15-21, 2021


In celebration of the release of our brand new CD-collection: ACTION THRILLER, VOL. 11, featuring 12 amazing action tracks plus edits, cuts, loops and stingers, we’re doing a special 30% off promotion this week on the new album and all previous volumes of “Action Thriller“.

From Monday, March 15th until Sunday, March 21st, all Action Thriller CD-collections are $69.95, as opposed to the regular $99.95 which is already a great price for this awesome, hand-picked, curated, professionally produced music that you can use in your own media productions such as films & videos, games and apps, podcasts and presentations etc.

The offer ends Sunday, March 21st, 2021. Don’t miss out!