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Some old tracks being pruned today

Some old tracks being pruned today

Unlike most stock music libraries, here at we actually remove some tracks. We consider the track’s age, its sound, its production, its sales and its genre, and a few times per year we “prune” some oldies and replace them with more fresh new material.

Even though we do occasionally remove some tracks, keep in mind that we add much more new material than we remove old material, so the actual size of our online catalogue is always increasing.

We’ve been doing a little bit of spring cleaning, and here are the tracks that we are saying goodbye to today:

50 Fifty
Rainy Morning
Fallen Angel
The Secret Life of Angels
August (Ellett, Montgomery)
Friendly Alien
Bridal Party Entrance
Retro Progressive Rock 1
Singing Animals
A Wonderful Time
Bell Isle
Les Fers
Sang Mele
Make the Drop
Finding Truth
Gentle Sounding
Born and Raised
Waiting Piano Melody
Away in a Manger (D Woods)
Jump (D Woods)
Give Me a Chance
I Miss You (Acoustic Music Productions)
Still Here
Fun n Frolic
A Ghost Story
Sugar Rush
The Propeller
The Restaurant
Piano Expressions
I Love the Blues
Old And New
Mechanical Rhythm
Zero Atmosphere
Say Again
Dance In France
Angel In The Sky
Great Temptation
Senorita (D Lukyanov)
Miles to Go
This Moment
Like a Child
Our Love is Magical
Piano in Blue
Blues Is My Name
Electricity (C Pelissero)
Murder (C Pelissero)
Spooky (C Pelissero)


Lots of new Percussion-Only tracks and CD collections

Lots of new Percussion-Only tracks and CD collections

Some times when you’re working on a project, be it a video game, a
film / video or another type of project, you find yourself really
needing music consisting of only drums! Rather than a whole
orchestra, band, or synth ensemble filling every possible frequency
range, you need the transparency and open, expansive feel of drums and
percussion to bring the right type of nerve and tension to your

Over the past several weeks we have been working hard to bring you a large number of percussion only tracks.
These tracks range from Epic, Exotic, Menacing, Pensive,
Foreboding…they combine traditional orchestral percussion such as
cymbals and timpani with exotic, foreign and ancient percussion from
around the world, such as the Japanese Taiko drum, the Malaysian Gong,
the African Djembe, and many other percussion instruments.

All in all we have released 48 new drums only tracks over the past few weeks, and also no less than 4 volumes of “Percussion Trax” downloadable CD-collections.

We have made sure we also included seamless loops for every one of these 48 tracks, which means that you can play the sound file in a never-ending loop within an app, game, interactive menu system or looping video installation, and the music/percussion will just keep playing, endlessly, until the user proceeds to the next screen / stage etc.

To find these Percussion only tracks in our database, use the Advanced Browse tool on the right-hand side of our main website. Fill the Advanced Browse tool with the following settings:

Prominent Instruments = Drums (Epic & Marching) AND Ethnic percussion / Tribal drums. (Here you should be sure to choose the “Match all options” and not “Match any option” on the Prominent Instruments selection screen, to make this an AND query, rather than an OR query.

Then set: “Moods / Emotions” = any mood/emotion you like. We would suggest “Menacing / Dangerous / Threatening”.

Now hit “submit” and you will get a pretty good listing of percussion only tracks that match your Advanced Browse settings.

You may also be interested in these four volumes of Percussion Trax CD-collections, featuring 10 tracks on each: