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Getting started with Voiceovers

By Max Laing Voiceover talent doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but having the right tools, advice, and some great background music from is a great way to get started. Whether you’re working on a low budget podcast, give prerecorded presentations, or plan to work in the film industry, everyone looking to accomplish voiceover work […]

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Get the Work Done

Music composers’ strategies and tips for overcoming procrastination By Kole Hicks We’ve all been in this kind of situation before… Deadline is approaching quickly, inspiration and motivation are lacking, but procrastination is in full effect. No matter what field you work in the “wall” will rear it’s ugly head and it is essential as working […]

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Working with audio in Sony Vegas® – Part One – Importing & Timestretching audio files

By Simon Power In this series of articles we will be offering fundamental help and advice to amateur and semi-pro audio/visual producers who use Sony Vegas and want to incorporate music, voice overs and SFX in their productions. Introduction Sony’s Vegas Pro® is an excellent creative tool for audio/visual work. It’s intuitive and powerful, and […]

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