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Some old tracks pruned (removed) today

Some old tracks pruned (removed) today

It is our policy here at to occasionally get rid of some old tracks from our catalogue. We do this to ensure our music is always up-to-date, fresh and so that we do not start “sounding 15 years old”, like some production music libraries. Here’s a list of the tracks that were confined to the history books today:

  • Scenes
  • My One True Love
  • Teenage Soap
  • Ezpeleta
  • Log On
  • Nova
  • Journeys End
  • Marionettes Playtime
  • Sad Sunday
  • Sopranos Breath
  • Break
  • Good Attitude
New site feature – View Lyrics

New site feature – View Lyrics

Dear friends,

We have a new feature on our site. It’s perhaps not immediately obvious, because it doesn’t make a big splash — but we think some of you will find this useful. If you are browsing vocal music, you can now view the lyrics for a track directly from our website:

Any vocal track for which we have the lyrics on file will show this [View lyrics] option and that will come up in a separate “pop-up” window, with the track title, artist, composer and publisher included. At the bottom of the lyrics page we’ve put a link directly to this track in our catalogue; in case you’ve printed the lyrics and now come back to our site to license it.

If you see a vocal track that doesn’t have the [View lyrics] feature available, it means that we do not actually have the lyrics in our database. Please feel free to write in and ask for it to be added. We should be able get the songwriter and get him/her to send in the lyrics so we can add it.