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Royalty Free Christmas music round-up…

Dear reader,

Every year around late September / early October, we see the same pattern — our customers start to buy royalty free Christmas music from our online stock music catalog. This keeps on pretty much until the 24th of December, when all goes quiet and hardly any Christmas tracks are sold until the next late-September again.

With the Christmas season now upon us, at least as far as stock music production goes, we thought we’d take a quick overview of the different types of Christmas production music on offer here at Since 2000 we have added some new fresh Christmas material each and every year, so the selection is getting pretty varied and we should have something to cater for just about any type of media production — be it something simple like an online interactive Christmas card, photo gallery, a Christmas themed casual game, a holiday film or music for a Flash presentation for the x-mas season.

Here at we have divided our seasonal music library into three different main genres:

  • Traditional Christmas music: This is where you’ll find old favorites such as Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, O Come All Ye Faithful, Silent Night and other classics that everybody knows and loves.
  • Choir singing Christmas hymns: Our arrangements and recordings of classical and traditional hymns, such as Ave Maria, Bach’s Christmas Mass, The Angel Gabriel, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and many, many more. These are real live choral recordings, no computerized fiddlery. 🙂
  • New and Fun Christmas music: My personal favorite section, this ever growing collection contains tracks that aren’t actually famous or traditional Christmas themes, but instead, original tracks composed and arranged in a Christmas music style by our contracted composers and producers. These tracks are really great if you’re going for a Christmas mood, but you want something a bit fresher, funkier, and more original, rather than the same old traditional melodies. 
Which ever style you go for, you can be sure that we have some great music for you, and as with all of our music, a one-time purchase gives you a lifetime license to use the music commercially within your projects, as much, and for as long, as you want. And as with our entire production music library, all the Christmas tracks can be downloaded instantly in MP3 or WAV format.

Remember that, in addition to our individual music track downloads, we also have ready-made Christmas music collections, where you can typically get 10 tracks, including all versions, edits, cuts and loops, as a pre-packaged product, at a greatly discounted price. Try these royalty-free Christmas CD’s (Click on the covers for more details and audio previews):

Merry Christmas! from all of us here at

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A couple of examples of existing articles:

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