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Both WAV and MP3 files are included with every purchase -- except seamless loops and sound effect files, which are only in WAV.

* A game that is free to download / free to play but has in-game purchases or makes income via in-game advertising is considered a for-profit game and needs an Extended License.

** Also includes digital download products.

*** This item refers to a video where our music is the "main purpose" of the video. This would typically be a video that plays our nursery rhyme / childrens music along with some animation, or a relaxation video that plays our music and shows some video to go along with it. The point here is that it's our music that is the "main point of interest" of the video. Our music is the main reason that somebody wants to view the video. In this case, you need an Extended License.

Use of our music in online content creation services: To use our music in a type of service where you keep our music on your server and you allow your users to use our music within their making of their own videos, slideshows, greeting cards or similar created with your system, you need a "Web Application License". The unique purpose of the Web Application License is that your users will in fact be covered by your music license, and your users will have permission to use our music in their videos / slideshows and post them online. This is not the case under the Standard, Extended or Widest License, but it is with the "Web Application License". If you wish to enquire about setting up such a license agreement, please contact us.

If you would like to use our music for something not covered in the above detailed rights, please contact us to discuss.

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