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October 19, 2018 3:18:49 AM EDT 19
Sound Oddities, part 1

TV Station’s Viewers Irate over Choice of Music and Sound Effects Scott Schaffer, of ABC’s  WNEP affiliate in PA. launches into the topic of sound effects during the segment “Talkback 16” in which the […]

October 10, 2018 7:13:31 AM EDT 10
Temp Tracks: A Movie’s Secret Score

Selecting ‘temp music’ tracks is an essential part of the overall scoring process in film making. Yet its importance is often overlooked. In this article, I explain exactly what temp music is and the role […]

October 6, 2018 2:02:20 PM EDT 6
Sound Effects and the Fake Engine Roar

Over the years, the auto industry has increasingly honed their craft at creating environmentally sound cars and reducing unwanted noise levels for the drivers. As a result, the authentic organic engine […]


Temp Tracks: A Movie’s Secret Score

In this article, I explain exactly what temp music is and the role it plays in everything from a low budget short films to a major Hollywood feature.

Sound Effects and the Fake Engine Roar

An in-depth look at artificial motor / engine roaring sounds (fake engine noises) installed in, or added to, some modern cars.

Hans Jenny and The Sound Matrix

Author Adam Johnson takes a detailed look at the mystery of the Hans Jenny Sound Matrix.


Unsolicited customer testimonial

I would like to thank you from my staff here at NW Digital Video Productions on the variety and quality of your music. Our business is producing videos and electronic slide shows in DVD format for small companies and personal adventures in life's memories of personal events. We are using the Honolulu Honey music in a video with Ken Burn's effects for a customer who spent 2 months exploring the Hawaiian Islands. It filled a gap that we were lost for music in this video. We are planning are purchasing more music in the near future as soon as my staff has reviewed and made the selections for our music library. Thank you again, and I can say you have a new customer for as long as we are in business.

Gary Pollard, Trina Johnston, Victoria Hawley, Kyle Pollard, Anthony Hawley, Jon Lamoreaux - NW Digital Video Productions, USA