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License Selection

1. Please choose file format for "Music collection: Classical Strauss & Lanner"

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Please choose license type required for "Music collection: Classical Strauss & Lanner":


previously "Mass Market License" previously "TV/Radio Advertising Commercial License"
Web/Online/Internet use:

Use on a single website/domain
Use on multiple websites/domains
Use in Podcasts
Use on YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook etc.

Without monetization / YouTube Partner income
With monetization / YouTube Partner income, Commercial Rights
Allow embedding of video onto multiple websites
Use in videos made to simply play our music track, not as part of a real video
Films / movies / cinema:

Use in Student Film / Film Festival / Non-Commercial Films
Use in Corporate Films
Use in Commercial Films and in a single Cinema theater
Full Theatrical Release including multiple Cinemas world wide
In-theater Advertising Commercial (screening preroll)
Use as background- or theme music in TV / Radio programmes

Local broadcasts, one city/province except capital city
Wider broadcasts, multiple cities or capital city
Use of music for TV Commercials / Advertising Spots

Local TV broadcasts, one city/province except capital city
Wider TV broadcasts, multiple cities or capital city
Use of music for Radio Commercials / Advertising Spots

Local Radio broadcasts, once city/province except capital city
Wider Radio broadcasts, multiple cities or capital city
Use in Video Games, Mobile Games and Apps

Use in non-commercial, not-for-profit Apps & Games
Use in commercial / for-profit Apps & Games *
Playing music in public spaces or telephone on-hold

Play in up to 5 locations (one organization)
Play in unlimited locations (one organization)
Production of physical items (CD's, DVD's, etc.) **

Use of our music within other media, up to 5,000 copies / downloads
Use of our music within other media, unlimited copies / downloads
Produce music CD's/albums containing our music tracks stand-alone
Produce music tracks where our music is used as part of the new music
Use of our music in online content creation services

To use our music in a type of service where you keep our music on your server and you allow your users to use our music in their own videos, slideshows, greeting cards or similar created with your system, you need a Web Application License. To set this up, please contact us.

* A game that is free to download / free to play but has in-game purchases or makes income via in-game advertising is considered a for-profit game and needs an Extended License.
** Also includes digital download products.

Upgrade options

These options are for customers who previously purchased the same product with one license type and now needs to upgrade their license for this product to a higher license type.
Upgrade FROM Standard License TO Extended License

Upgrade FROM Extended License TO Widest License

Upgrade FROM Standard License TO Widest License

To see the license details in full, please see our License page.

If you have specific license requirements that are not covered by any of the above liceneses, or questions about our licenses, please contact us.

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