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Rain sounds, Rainfall WAV -- choose between free WAV files and licensed WAV files

Free rain sounds

These free rain sound WAV files were not created by Shockwave-Sound.Com. We gathered these sounds from the internet and they are generally considered free for personal use. We do not guarantee their quality, and cannot grant any license for them, other than strictly personal / home use. To download the files, simply right-click and choose "Save Target As...". Please do not link directly to the files from another site. By all means, feel free to link to this page.

Big storm WAV, Heavy Rain loop, Light Rain loop, 22khz mono rain sound, 11 khz mono rain sound, Rain with water trickling, Splashing rain, Rain 3 wav, Rain with thunder, Rain as AU file, Rain drops with echo, Sizzling rain, Rain on roof, Rain and thunder au file, Rain with siren, Storm (rain and wind), Hurricane sound, Thunder and rain loop, Thunder rain wav, Water rain 1, Water rain 2 (shorter), Few drops of rain, Rain storm.

More rain sounds at

At you can also get 5 free professional sound fx files each week, downloadable from within your free user account.


High quality licensed rain sounds

If you need better sounds, in full CD-quality, legally cleared, created by professionals at Shockwave-Sound.Com and comes with a guaranteed royalty-free license for use in your media, you can purchase these from our Nature & Environments genre, where you'll find a great selection of high quality sounds or rain falling, water sounds, thunder and storm sounds, brook and stream running and lots more. Once purchased, they are legally cleared for use in all your media projects. Alternatively, a full one-hour uninterrupted rain sound is available in our Nature Sound Series.

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Other great royalty-free, licensed audio from Shockwave-Sound.Com:

Nature Sound Series:
Relaxing Rain Ambience:

One of the CDs in our award winning Nature Sound Series is a full one-hour uninterrupted, cleansing and relaxing, sound of rainfall. The entire CD can be downloaded instantly from our web server, and/or shipped to you by postal service. Like all the products in our Nature Sound Series, it is available either with or without relaxation music mixed in with the nature sound..

For a list of our Nature Sound Series products, this link.


Royalty Free Classical Music

We have the largest and best selection of Royalty-Free Classical Music, anywhere on the internet. It's just a fact. All of it was recorded with real philharmonic orchestras. Symphonies, Opera, Chamber Music, Wedding Marches, Choral and organ church music from all the great composers -- and then some!

For a list of stock music in this genre, follow this link.


Royalty Free Smooth Jazz music

Expressive saxophones, tender guitar notes, smooth electric piano chords. Easy listening that's not cheesy. You can find this in our large and popular selection of Royalty Free Smooth Jazz genre.

For a list of royalty-free music in this genre, follow this link.

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