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What is RSS?

Put simply, RSS allows you to have a central news reader program on your computer, where news items from various web sites are delivered to you -- so you don't have to roam around the net to seek out the new information.

The RSS feed from our site will give you a small notification inside your news reader program each time we have released a new music track. If you subscribe to our RSS feed and we release new music, you will see inside your news reader that you have "1 new/unread item" from our site. You can then click on this item to get a short description of the new music track. No need to surf the web or go to our site. Should you wish to listen to a preview of the track, a shortcut is provided for you which will take you directly to the correct page on our site.

There are many different "RSS news reader" programs available, both free ones and paid-for ones. Here is a link to Google's directory of news reader programs.

To subscribe to our RSS feed of new tracks, simply insert this URL into your news reader:

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