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Retrieve an order
There are three possible ways to get your downloads after placing an order on this site.
  • The easiest and fastest way is to simply click the "Return to Lynne Publishing" link after making payment. This will take you directly to the download page for that order.

  • The second easiest way is to open the email that we automatically send out to you the instant you complete payment. This email has the subject: Your Shockwave-Sound Order Is Ready and it also has a link to the download page for that order.

  • If you somehow missed both of the above two ways to get to your download page, you can input your payment ID number and the email address you input on our order form, into the form below -- and a link to your download page will be displayed.

E-mail address:

This must identical to the email address that you typed into on our order form.

Payment reference:

If you paid by Paypal, input the Item Number from the Paypal payment receipt email (NOT the Receipt ID). If you paid by Worldpay, input the Worldpay Transaction ID. If you paid by 2checkout, input the 2checkout Sale Number.