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Music collection: Soothe (5.1 Surround DVD)

Download or CD: At the final checkout page you can choose whether you want the physical CD sent to you, or just want to download the whole CD right now, in perfect CD-quality audio files. If you choose the physical CD, you also get the immediate downloads.

Price: US$ 99.95
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This is the 5.1 surround DVD edition of the music collection "Soothe", which is also available as a normal music CD here.

"Soothe" is a 70-minutes relaxation music journey. The surround edition DVD was created from scratch in 5.1 surround sound -- not simply "up-mixed" from a stereo signal which is the case with many other "surround" releases.

This DVD will play on any regular home DVD player connected to a home theater surround sound system: you don't need a special DVD-Audio player. The disc is technically created as a DVD movie, the same as any DVD film you buy or rent. The screen shows a relaxing still image with the title of the song currently playing, whilst the sound plays in beautiful 5.1 surround audio through your home theater surround sound system, for a completely enveloping. seriously deep and spacious relaxation music experience. It fills the room in an entirely different than what a regular stereo sound can do.

The price of the DVD includes a license to use the music commercially and in public, as per our License.

Before buying, it's important you understand that this is a DVD, not a CD. It will not play in a regular CD player. It will play in a regular home DVD player.

The download is a 230 MB .zip file containing 8 audio files in AC3 surround sound format. These audio files will not play on most consumer audio player programs on PC or Mac. You can play the files on a PC using the program "VLC" (which is a free download from, "PowerDVD", "Creative MediaSource" and other programs that can import or play AC3 surround sound files.

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