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Music collection: Cinematic Themes, Vol. 2

Download or CD: At the final checkout page you can choose whether you want the physical CD sent to you, or just want to download the whole CD right now, in perfect CD-quality audio files. If you choose the physical CD, you also get the immediate downloads.

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Music for the movies! Our Cinematic Themes collections feature grand, orchestral style arrangements of music that will fit in Hollywood movies.

Ranging from "Big Sky" style, grand, epic and sweeping compositions suitable for the wide open landscape, to heartfelt melodies for amazing stories, to exotic journeys to far-away places and to other worlds... and to playful, whimsical fun themes (check "New Adventures of Mr Feezlenick" and "Prairie Adventures"), not forgetting the epic, regal and heroic "superhero themes" like in "Cometh the Savior" and "Storm Warriors".

Composed by Jack Francis, a young and massively talented new composer, this collection is a gold mine of cinematic, dramatic music.

This collection features no less than 15 extremely rich, complex and highly developed themes, all available in many different mixes, edits, cuts, versions and loops - to give you great options when editing the music to your film or other project. All in all there are 107 non-looping music files (all with proper endings, no fade-outs) and on top of that, an additional 40 seamlessly looping music files.

Also included is a "Stage Mix" of each track. This Stage Mix version is recorded with the reverb/ambiance of a concert hall, making it sound somewhat more 'distant' from the listener and, some would say, more "live".

The price of the music collection includes a license to use the music commercially and in public, as per our License.

Formats: The download is a 290 MB .zip file containing the 90 audio tracks in true CD-quality MP3 files (320-kbps, 44.1 khz) and the 42 music loops in 44.1 khz uncompressed WAV files. The physical disc is a DVD-DROM for PC or Mac, containing all tracks and loops as uncompressed WAV files, at 24-bit/48-khz (High Definition) and also as 16-bit, 44.1-khz (CD quality). Total ~2.8 GB.

Please note that the DVD-ROM is a disc for use in PC or Mac computers, with computer files on it. It is not an Audio-CD, and does not work in a stereo/hi-fi system, your car CD player etc. However, you can copy the WAV files to your hard drive, and then use those WAV files to burn an Audio-CD in your own CD/DVD-burner.

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