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Music collection: Dance Beat Vol. 7 - Groove House

Download or CD: At the final checkout page you can choose whether you want the physical CD sent to you, or just want to download the whole CD right now, in perfect CD-quality audio files. If you choose the physical CD, you also get the immediate downloads.

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24-bit enabled.

Price: US$ 99.95
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A fresh, funky, uplifting yet chilled and moderately energetic collection of Feelgood House tracks..

These infectious and invigorating tracks pump and sizzle on at medium tempo (120-130 BPM) and at moderate energy levels, keeping a nicely flowing, pulsating rhythm throughout with varied licks, arpeggios, synth patterns and seriously funky bass lines.

The music goes exceptionally well with on-screen visuals, sports and fun activities, running and workouts, rhythmic training, as well as for high tech presentations, effects, modern design, technology, information tech, and much more.

There are 11 different tracks, all available in many different mixes, edits, cuts and versions, giving you great options in editing. All in all this collection contains a total of 69 non-looping Tracks and a further 45 seamlessly looping music loops taken from these tracks.

Every track is also available in an Underscore version, which means a remixed version where all loud, sharp, outstanding instruments are taken away, all solo/lead melody lines are taken away, leaving only the drums, bass line, pads, subtle sweeps and subtle / low key synth lines etc. The "Underscore version" is great for use as background music, for example behind a voice or when you don't want the music to "stand out" too much.

The price of the music collection includes a license to use the music commercially and in public, as per our License.

Formats: The download is a 356 MB .zip file containing 69 audio tracks in true CD-quality MP3 files (320-kbps, 44.1 khz) and 45 music loops in uncompressed 16-bit 44.1-khz WAV files. The physical disc is a DVD-ROM for PC or Mac, containing all tracks and loops as uncompressed WAV files in both High Definition (24-bit) as well as CD-quality (16-bit, 44.1-khz). Total ~3.5 GB.

Please note that the DVD-ROM is a disc for use in PC or Mac computers, with computer files on it. It is not an Audio-CD, and does not work in a stereo/hi-fi system, your car CD player etc. However, you can copy the WAV files to your hard drive, and then use those WAV files to burn an Audio-CD in your own CD/DVD-burner.

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