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Non Stop Workout, Vol. 3

Download or CD: At the final checkout page you can choose whether you want the physical CD sent to you, or just want to download the whole CD right now, in perfect CD-quality audio files. If you choose the physical CD, you also get the immediate downloads.

Price: US$ 49.95
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10 funky tracks of motivating, fresh and inspiring workout-music, plus remixes, all combined into a single, hour-long, non-stop musical workout!

This collection spans 10 tracks of mid- to high intensity, fresh and funky, positive and motivating instrumental beat music. The tracks have been mixed into one another in the same way that a DJ in a dance club might do, to make the whole album play as a single, long, non-stop music workout.

The tracks are the same tracks as you can find on another collection of ours: Dance Beat Vol. 6. That collection contains 10 tracks, and this collection (Non Stop Workout Vol. 3) contains those same 10 tracks all mixed into a long, continuous, 60-minute exercise music mix. The tracks are remixed with new elements and different sections, different instrument mixes etc.

The BPM tempo of these tracks range from 120 to 136 BPM with most of the tracks at 130 BPM.

This product is great for energetic exercise, workout, high intensity aerobics, rhythm boxing, boxercise, dancercise, dance exercise, or just for running or cycling. The music energizes and motivates, pumps you up and helps make the workout fun and rewarding!

The "Non Stop Workout Vol 3" collection contains a single, long playing music track, built up by DJ-mixing and remixing 10 regular tracks. This collection does NOT give you the 10 individual tracks as separate music files. If you want the tracks as separate music files, you need to buy Dance Beat Vol. 6.

The price of the music collection includes a license to use the music commercially and in public, as per our License.

Formats: The download is a single MP3 file that plays for a full one hour, in extremely high MP3 sound quality (320-kbps). The physical disc is an Audio-CD with 10 tracks that plays "gapless", meaning that it changes from track 01 to 02 etc. without any silence between.

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