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Relaxing Forest Ambience - with relaxing music

Download or CD: At the final checkout page you can choose whether you want the physical CD sent to you, or just want to download the whole CD right now, in perfect CD-quality audio files. If you choose the physical CD, you also get the immediate downloads.

Price: US$ 19.95
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You've decided to let the world go on without you for an hour, and have found a peaceful spot in a beautiful forest. You lie down in the soft foliage, look up at the sky and watch the clouds slowly sail by. There's a small brook nearby, trickling with crystal clear water. Forest birds are cheerfully singing, and trees are gently swaying in the breeze. You feel supremely refreshed and relaxed as the sounds of the forest, the brook, the trees and the birds sing to you throughout this magical hour.

This is a 1 hour continuous, uninterrupted sound. We have used our own 100% natural, beautifully recorded nature sounds to create this one-hour soundscape. It can be delivered to you either by immediate download, or on Audio-CD. Just "add to cart" the sound you wish to buy - and at the final checkout page, you choose whether you want it delivered on CD, or just to download it. You can also use the downloaded file to burn your own Audio-CD.

The price includes a license to use this sound commercially and in public.

There is also an alternative version of this recording with only the nature sounds, without music. Click here to view that version.

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