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Shockwave-Sound.Com Non-Exclusive Licenses

(To download these license terms as a printable PDF file, click here.)

Before you conduct business on this site, you must agree to the following terms.

If you are unclear about any of these terms, please contact us prior to conducting business with us. Do not conduct business on this site until you have carefully read, clearly understood, and fully agreed to be bound by these terms.

By conducting business on this site, you accept these terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of this website, and this shall serve as a contract between Lynne Publishing AS (hereafter “”, or “we” or “us”) and you (hereafter “you”, or “user” as applicable) which may be legally enforced against both parties.

A. When downloading Tracks from, you agree to the following:

1. To not sell or distribute the Track as a Music product: This means that you may not sell or distribute the Track by itself, i.e. take the Track and include it on a music CD for sale, music album for downloadable sale, offer it for sale or licensing through a web site, or other means of trading in the Track as a music product. This is not allowed under ANY license type. The Track must be used in conjunction with another work (film, game, video, app, installation, presentation, show/event, audio book, etc).

2. To not create derivative works of our Tracks: This means that you cannot buy our Tracks, add your own voice, instruments or sounds, and then treat that as your own music. What you are doing then is to create new music that is partially built on our music, i.e. a “derivative work,” and this is not allowed under ANY license type.

3. To not include our Tracks with a Website Template: This means that you may not include our Tracks in a Website Template which is subsequently offered for sale.

B. You also agree to abide by the rules of whichever below license you choose when you buy the Track:


Rights included
in the
Rights included
in the
Rights included
in the

Standard License Extended License Widest License
Web/Online/Internet use:

Use on a single website/domain
Use on multiple websites/domains
Use in Podcasts
Use on social video sites (YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook etc.)

Use on YouTube, including monetization / commercial rights
Allow embedding of video onto multiple websites
Videos that are made to simply play our music, not as part of a real video
Films / movies / cinema:

Use in Student Film / Film Festival / Non-Commercial Films
Use in Corporate Films
Use in Commercial Films and in a single Cinema theater
Full Theatrical Release including multiple Cinemas world wide
Background- or theme music in TV / Radio programmes

Local broadcasts, one city/province except capital city
Wider broadcasts, multiple cities or capital city
Use of music in Commercials / Advertising Spots

TV Commercial, one city/province except capital city
TV Commercial, multiple cities or capital city
In-Theater Commercial (screening preroll), one city/province except capital city
In-Theater Commercial (screening preroll), multiple cities or capital city
Radio Commercial, one city/province except capital city
Radio Commercial, multiple cities or capital city
Use in Video Games, Mobile Games and Apps

Use in non-commercial, not-for-profit Apps & Games
Use in commercial / for-profit Apps & Games *
Playing music in public spaces or telephone on-hold

Play in up to 5 locations (one organization)
Play in unlimited locations (one organization)
Production of physical items (CD's, DVD's, etc.) **

Use of our music within other media, up to 5,000 copies / downloads
Use of our music within other media, unlimited copies / downloads
Produce music CD's/albums containing our music tracks stand-alone
Produce music tracks where our music is used as part of the new music
Use of our music in online content creation services

To use our music in a type of service where you keep our music on your server and you allow your users to use our music in their own videos, slideshows, greeting cards or similar created with your system, you need a Web Application License. To set this up, please contact us.

* A game that is free to download / free to play but has in-game purchases or makes income via in-game advertising is considered a for-profit game and needs an Extended License.
** Also includes digital download products.

C. Additional terms relating to all license types

PRO and Non-PRO Tracks:

Some of our composers are members of Performing Rights Societies (PRO’s). These tracks are described on the site as “PRO Tracks”. When you license PRO Tracks from us, your license purchased here does not include the Performing Rights, as these are administered by the Performing Rights Organization in the country where the Track ends up being used. It usually means that a cue-sheet has to be filed, and this represents no additional cost, although in some cases, such as music played at German trade shows, there may be additional costs for playing PRO tracks at the venue. For more information about this, see our Article on General Royalty-Free vs Completely Royalty-Free Music

Some of our composers are not members of any Performing Rights Society. Tracks composed by these composers are described on our site as “Non-PRO Tracks”. When you license Non-PRO tracks from us, your license does include the Performing Rights.

TV Productions and cue-sheets:

Some of our composers are members of Performance Rights Organizations (PRO's). Whenever their music is broadcast on TV or radio, you are required to fill in a cue-sheet and hand this cue-sheet over to the broadcasting company along with your film/program. This represents no additional cost, neither to you, nor to the broadcaster, but it is very important to our composers. If you want to know more about this, please read our notes about cue sheets and public performance.

Editing/changing the music:

You may edit our music (fade, crop, cut, copy, stretch, loop) etc. to fit your required cue lengths.

You may however not use our music as a basis on which to create new music. (See A-2 above).

Multiple uses under one license:

Licensee may use the licensed work in multiple episodes, versions, updates and variations under a single License purchase, so long as the uses are all done by the same client/organization and all come under the same main project / title.

Term/Duration of License and Termination:

The Standard License, Extended License and Widest License are one-time license purchases that last in perpetuity (=forever). There are no annual renewal fees. The license is however terminated if the payment is reversed / refunded / charged back / not completed.

The "Web Application License" is an annual license subscription that must be paid once per year and expires one year after the last received payment.


It is good practice to always credit the composer or any other creative work that has been done as part of your project. We encourage giving credits to the music composer, but it is not an absolute requirement. Crediting is not required, but appreciated.


We take our customers and users privacy seriously. At no time will your personal details or e-mail address be passed onto any other company. As a new customer, you will be added to our own internal mailing list for our monthly music newsletter. This newsletter can easily be unsubscribed from, by following simple instructions included with each newsletter.

We only hold details of our customers' e-mail address, shipping address and telephone number. At Shockwave-Sound we never get to see any financial data such as credit card numbers. These are gathered and processed by our e-commerce partners PayPal, 2Checkout or WorldPay. For information regarding their privacy policies, please refer to their websites.

Refund policy: has a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you can't use the sound / music that you have licensed from us, please contact us about this within 30 days of your purchase. We will first try to help you with the problem that's causing you not to be able to use it. If we are unable to fix your problem, we will ask you to confirm in writing (by email) that you have deleted the sound/music from your computer(s), that you weren't able to use it, and a short explanation of the reason. We will then refund your money in full.

Representation and Warranties:

Shockwave-Sound.Com represents and warrants that we are the lawful licensor or agent of the licensor of the Tracks and have the full right and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant you all of the rights and licenses herein granted.

Disclaimer of consequential damages:

Shockwave-Sound.Com is under no circumstances liable for any damages, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use of the Tracks or inability to use the Tracks including without limitation, computer failure, work stoppage or any other damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Because some states and countries do not allow the exclusion for limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to you.

Service Availability

Although Shockwave-Sound.Com will employ reasonable efforts to make sure that the Site is available to Users, temporary disruptions of the services available on this Site may occur from time to time. The services provided on the Site are “as is” and Shockwave-Sound.Com is not liable to you or anyone connected to you for any such disruptions.

Limitation on liability:

You agree that our liability with respect to any claims or legal actions from you or any person deriving any rights from you shall solely be limited to the actual price paid for the license.

If you have any questions on how you may or may not use our music, please contact us.

(To download these license terms as a printable PDF file, click here.)

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