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Making CDs with our music for give-away promotions
Royalty Free music for give-away promotions

When you purchase a music track from this web site, what you get is what we call the Standard License.

The Standard License is a license to use the music within other media; not a license to simply duplicate the music tracks and use them as they are.

You may however purchase a giveaway promotions license, which is priced at US$ 0.09 per music track, per CD created.

This license can be used to duplicate our music onto CDs which you give away as promotional items, gifts to customers and business contacts, etc. etc.

For example, you may wish to put together a CD of 8 tracks and create 500 copies of that CD; in which case your License cost is US$ 0.09 x 8 x 500 = total US$ 360.00

This license also has the following additional stipulations:

Minimum license amount is US$ 100. So even if you only wanted 5 tracks and 100 copies, the price should be $0.09 x 5 x 100 = $45; but we would still charge you $100 for this because it is the minimum amount for a giveaway promotions license.
The unit number is based on the number of units you create, regardless of how many you actually end up giving away.
We have some extremely long music tracks, where a single track plays for 30-60 minutes (such as our one-hour nature sound CDs) . For these tracks, the unit price is $0.25 per music track, per CD created.
You will be given access to download the music tracks from our server. If you need us to create the actual audio master CD and ship that CD to you, there is an additional US$ 19.95 for CD creation, shipping and handling.
We require all giveaway CDs to carry a small copyright notice (worded by us) to tell your customers that the music is under copyright, is for personal listening only, and not for commercial or public exploitation without a separate license obtained from us.
We also require all composers to be properly credited on the CD.
You may not sell the CDs made under the giveaway promotions license.
We do not design artwork or duplicate CDs. We only deliver the music and the music license.

Should you wish to use our music for a giveaway promotion, please contact us to purchase a license. Payment can be made by credit card online or over the phone, but requires us to set up a special payment link for you, as this is not a product that can be added to your shopping cart here on the site. So you need to get in touch with us by email, fax or telephone to purchase the giveaway promotions license.

"I don't understand when I need the Standard License, and when I need a Giveaway Promotions License!"

You need the Standard License if you're going to use our music within some kind of media, where the music is only used in a supporting role, to go along with other audio-visual media; such as: A film/video. A video game. A visual art presentation. A website. An audio book. Or any other type of product where our music is integrated with other media, in a supporting role. The Standard License can be purchased simply by using the online automated shopping cart system on our site.

You need the Giveaway Promotions License if you're going to give away music CD's or other objects where our music is the product. If you are simply duplicating our music tracks onto music CD's (or other similiar physical carriers) to give away our music for people to listen to. The Giveaway Promotions license cannot be purchased via the online automated shopping cart system; you have to contact us to set up your license purchase manually. You can still pay with a credit card or Paypal, it's just that we have to make your license document and download link manually.


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