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Should I choose the MP3 or the WAV version?

  • WAV files are the original master recording in full studio quality, no compromise. The files are large.

  • MP3 files contain audio that has been compressed to make the file much smaller. Some audio data has been discarded; however, this has been done according to complex calculations that remove the parts of the audio that is deemed "nearly inaudible" to the human ear. The MP3 files also sound great, and in many cases you won't even hear the difference.

  • If you're going to use the audio in some kind of video editing that requires that you load the audio into a project that you want to render and distribute professionally, then we recommend choosing WAV files. If you're more of a hobbyist or you just don't need broadcast quality output, then go for the MP3 file.

  • The "Music Loops" are only available in WAV, not in MP3. This is because MP3 files cannot loop seamlessly.

  • We charge slightly more for WAV files because of the large amounts of bandwidth and storage required to host these files.

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