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The demo/catalogue DVD-ROM

Demo-DVD currently out of print

Thanks for your interest in our Demo DVD-ROM. This disc is now out of print. A growing problem for us was that, whilst our catalogue kept growing each week, there just wasn't room for demo-files of all our tracks on a single DVD disc. Not even if we included only the first 60 seconds of each track, and only in compressed, space-saving MP3 format.

Download all the demo-files instead

We do however have another, even better, option available to you. Please follow this link to a non-public page on our server, which allows you to download a single large .zip file for each music genre. Unpack the .zip file onto your hard drive, and inside you'll find MP3 demo-files of the first approx 60 seconds of all tracks in our catalogue. This allows you to preview / browse / listen to all of our tracks within a certain style/genre very quickly, simply by playing / flicking through the MP3 files directly from your hard drive. This functionality now replaces our "Demo DVD-ROM disc".


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