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Custom made music service

Despite the vast selection of high quality royalty free music ready to license "off the shelf" here at, we realize that there are times when our customers need something composed and produced especially for them. We are now happy to be able to provide this bespoke music production service via some of our highly talented and motivated composers.

With custom made music (bespoke music) you can get music that is not only tailored to your project in terms of feel and mood; but also synchronized with your on-screen action. When you need the music to be perfectly timed with events in your film, it can be hard to achieve that with pre existing music. That's where hiring a composer and getting bespoke music made especially for your project really comes into its right. Our guys will compose music while keeping your video on screen and will synchronize their musical cues perfectly to events or scenes in your film. Check out the demonstration videos below for examples of this.

Once we have discussed your project, your requirements and a ballpark figure price for your project, we put you directly in touch with the composers and producers that you want to work with. At that point, you will discuss your project directly with the composer; by phone, email, Skype, etc. All our composers speak English (though they are based in different countries throughout the world) and they are highly quailfied, experienced and organized people. We absolutely vouch for their qualities, both in terms of actual composing talent, and the ability to complete a project in a timely and professional manner. These are people we've worked with for years.

Basic terms:

  • Prices start from US$ 500.00. This "startup fee" includes the first one minute of music.

  • Thereafter you are charged per second of music. US$ 8.33 per second (equivalent of $500 per minute).

  • Examples: For 15 seconds of music, the price is $500.00. For one minute and 15 seconds, the price is $500 + (15 x 8.33) = $624.95.

  • Prices for "Dramatic trailers" are higher - details discussed on a case by case basis. Some other projects may also cost more, if they are very complex (For example, Live orchestra recording sessions, several live studio musicians etc.), or if the project is going to be distributed on a very large scale.

  • The fee is for music tracks only and does not include adding or creating sound effects or sound design to your project. In the videos below, music and sound effects combine to create a full audio experience. Our team can also create your sound effects and add them to your project, but this is negotiated separately.

  • The music fee includes all rights, for all media, exclusively yours, in perpetuity. You may use the music within your projects, in an unlimited number of projects, unlimited number of locations, unlimited number of copies, unlimited broadcasts and distribution as long as the music is part of your project (film, game, multimedia).

  • The only thing you cannot do without a separate agreement is to actually sell the music itself, on a music CD, or as music downloads. (E.g. sell a soundtrack CD containing the music, or sell downloads of the music in MP3 or other audio file format). These rights can be arranged, but is negotiated separately and is not included in the basic price.

Please listen to the demo tracks below. To enquire about custom made music, please contact us via our contact form or phone numbers stated on our contact page.

Demos: Composer Team A.S.

Having worked with for many years, this is a highly versatile team of composers with one "team leader" who takes care of quality control, delivery schedule, customer communications etc. With varying backgrounds from scoring for motion pictures, composing for video games, playing in rock bands and even composing for, and recording with, live philharmonic orchestras, this team can deliver everything from simple musical ditties to full-on Hollywood style cinematic scores.

A few videos that feature music and sound design by Composer Team A.S.:


Music demos by Composer Team A.S.:

A New Car:

Animated History of Poland:


Arena of Rage

Assassins of Kings:


Boat Fight:

Epic Orchestral Music:


Happy Shopping:

Hide And Seek:


Launch Witcher:

Life of a Famous Scientist:


The Coastal Tavern:

Too Many To Kill:


Wife's Death:


If you are interested in working with Composer Team A.S. to compose music or create sound design for your projects, please contact us by telephone or fill in the contact form and choose "Custom made music enquiry" from the drop-down menu of subjects. Thank you.

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