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Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
January 4, 1710 – March 16, 1736

Giovanni Pergolesi received his first musical instruction in his home town of Iesi, Italy. He relocated, like other composers of the time, to Naples and studied further there. He performed as a violinist, and began showcasing his compositional skills.

Throughout his life he held various posts for Italian noblemen, and also accepted commissions for operas and masses. His first operas did not fare well. It was not until the performance of his opera Lo frate 'nnamorato that his recognition began to grow.

Later he accepted a commission for the Empress of Austria, and wrote Il prigioner superbo. This piece included the work La serva padrona, which proved to be immensely popular. His reputation increased with the publication of his Mass in F.

In 1736 Pergolesi began suffering from tuberculosis, and retreated to a monastery to recover. He wrote his Sabat Mater at this time, before finally succumbing to the sickness.

Pergolesi is known today as a significant contributor to the comic opera genre. His works were referenced as the pinnacle of the form at the time, and remain so today.

Notable works:
Stabat Mater
La serva padrona

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