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Bruch, Max
Max Bruch
January 6, 1838 – October 2, 1920

Max Bruch was a Romantic era German composer and conductor. He displayed exceptional composing skills even as a child.

His first notable efforts include a string quartet and symphony. It was the quartet work that garnered him a scholarship in Frankfurt. There he studied with masters such as Ferdinand Breunung, Ferdinand Hiller, and Carl Reinecke.

Later, in Cologne, he created his first opera before drifting throughout various posts across Germany, as well as Paris and Brussels. His fame grew during his stint in Bonn, and he was viewed as one of the great composers of his time. He returned to conducting shortly thereafter, however, accepting work at the Liverpool Philharmonic Society in England. Bruch later worked as a professor of composition at Berlin’s Hochschule fur Musik until retirement.

Bruch’s work is known for its complexity and structure. It exemplified the German Romantic music tradition, which, at the time, was a contrast to the New Music styles emerging from contemporary composers.

Notable works:
Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor (1868)
Kol Nidrei

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