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Sarasate, Pablo de
Pablo de Sarasate
March 10, 1844 – September 20, 1908

Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate was a virtuoso violinist. His chief legacy lies in popularizing a purely Spanish form of writing, and in his unparalleled skill with the violin.

His father, a bandmaster, began teaching Sarasate violin at only five. He later studied from local private teachers, and was quickly recognized as a child prodigy. Queen Isabella took notice of his skills, and gifted him with a Stradivarious violin and a donation that allowed for the young Sarasate to continue his studies in Paris.

He enrolled in the Paris Conservatoire and graduated with acclaim. He then began touring worldwide, and was extremely successful.

Sarasate focused on chamber music and concertos that highlighted violin and Spanish themes. While popular at the time, they did not outlast his era. However, his performances, spanning four decades, were received with great enthusiasm worldwide.

Notable works:
Spanish Dances
Carmen Fantasy

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