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Monn, Georg Matthias
Georg Matthias Monn
April 9, 1717 – October 3, 1750

Georg Matthias Monn first experienced music as a choirboy. Later he became an organist at Vienna’s Karlskirche. Before long he was recognized as one of Vienna’s leading composers. He continued to write voluminously, although none of this was published at the time.

His principle contribution to classical music came later as he developed what became the expected symphonic structure: a four-movement symphony with a third-movement minuet. This influenced composers who followed him, such as Mozart and Haydn.

In addition to his symphonies, Monn also wrote quartets, sonatas, and masses. He also composed pieces for keyboard and violin.

His writing features sparse instrumentation, even in the orchestral pieces. They are known to be bright and charming. While influential at the time, the works are not performed regularly today, mostly because of its traditional, limited structure, and formulaic development.

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