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Minkus, Ludwig
Ludwig Minkus
March 23, 1826 – December 7, 1917

Ludwig Minkus was a Austrian composer who is known for ballets. They were sparse and simple, and contained only basic rhythm. They were carefully assembled, and served to highlight the skills of dancers.

MInkus began learning violin at four, and studied at Vienna’s Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. At only eight he performed his first recital, which was received with praise, and soon saw the young Minkus performing as a soloist.

Minkus began composing, and published pieces for solo violin. He also tried conducting. Thereafter Minkus relocated to St. Petersburg, and conducted a serf orchestra there. A post at the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre followed, where he continued conducting, and performing as a violinist. He was later commissioned to write a ballet, and produced La Flamme d amour, ou La Salamandre, which was a success. This signaled a shift in his writing, and he focused on writing ballets. His position was cut by the organization, whereupon Minkus lingered in Russia, then moved back to Vienna, where he died in 1917.

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