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Liadov, Anatoly
Anatoly Liadov
May 11 1855 – August 28 1914

While not entirely prolific, Russian composer, professor, and conductor Anatoly Liadov’s works were notable for their nationalism and technical skill. Like others of the time, he reworked Russian folk themes into orchestral and piano pieces, and did so with great aptitude.

Liadov’s family was deeply musical, and included prominent composers, as well as professional musicians. As such, he received his initial musical experience at home before studying at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He was eventually ejected there due to poor attendance. He managed to obtain a diploma there nonetheless. He immediately found a post teaching harmony and theory at the conservatory, which he held for the rest of his life.

Liadov’s natural laziness tempered his output. He never completed a major work, and instead wrote tone poems and smaller pieces. Like many other composers of his time, he was drawn to nationalistic subjects. He was well respected for his technical skill. His facility as an instructor influenced many students of his day.

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