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Arensky, Anton
Anton Arensky
July 12, 1861 – February 25, 1906

Russian conductor, pianist, and professor Anton Arensky’s career grew in the shadow of his legendary friend and teacher, Tchaikovsky. Many of his pieces are considered to have drawn from the manner and techniques of his master. Despite this, he was regarded as brilliant participant of the Russian classical music scene at the end of the nineteenth century.

Arensky’s career began as a boy of nine, showing promise while composing a handful of pieces and piano songs. This drew him to the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where he graduated, then became professor at the Moscow Conservatory, teaching other notable composers of the time.

He later returned to St. Petersburg to fill the chair of director of the Imperial Choir. He worked there until retirement, whereupon he returned to composing, conducting, and performing as a pianist.

Arensky is also known for his chamber and orchestral music. The responses to his operas were mixed. His legacy resides mostly in his shorter works, and those drawn from his mentor, Tchaikovsky.

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