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Senaillé, Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Baptiste Senaillé
November 23, 1687 – October 15, 1730

French Baroque composer Jean-Baptiste Senaillé’s education was first bestowed upon him by his father, who was a violinist himself. The father was part of Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi, a 24-string orchestra that played at the French court. Senaillé studied under Tomaso Antonio Vitali in Modena, Italy for two years, before returning to France. Before long he inherited his father’s role at Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi himself.

Senaillé was a skilled violinist who was recognized as blending Italian and French styles in his sonatas. He produced about fifty of them. They display Senaillé’s virtuosity with the violin, showcasing graceful melodies and peculiar tempos.

Notable works:
Allegro Spiritoso

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