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Weiss, Sylvius Leopold
Sylvius Leopold Weiss
October 12, 1687 – October 16, 1750

Sylvius Leopold Weiss was a German composer known principally for his skill with the lute. He wrote approximately 600 pieces for the instrument, including chamber pieces, concertos, suites, and sonatas.

Weiss’s skill with the lute was bestowed upon him by his family. His father and brothers were trained on the instrument, and shared their skill with Weiss.

Weiss worked in the Düsseldorf as a lutist. He later served the Prince of Poland, and also in Rome afterwards. His accepted an appointment at the court chapel in Dresden, and, while he toured in various cities in Europe, he held that post for the rest of his life.

Weiss was incredibly skilled at adaptation and improvisation. His talents led him to become of the most successful and wealthy musicians of his time.

An additional contribution of Weiss includes a significant essay on the lute, which was published in 1728.

He died in 1750.

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