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Marcello, Benedetto
Benedetto Marcello
July 31, 1686 – July 24, 1739

Italian composer Benedetto Marcello spent the first part of his working life as a lawyer. He was an aristocrat who explored music only in his free time. Nonetheless, Marcello continued to write. His first significant work was the Paraphrase of the Psalms, which was an assortment of psalms intended for male voices.

He published this in 1724, and the work brought him international recognition. He continued to write, composing hundreds of pieces, including styles such as contanas, sonatas, concertos, stage works, and others.

Marcello's writing was notable for its creative and forward-thinking approach. They were appreciated widely throughout Europe, and commonly performed. His works had the effect of upsetting established Baroque methods. In addition to his compositions, Marcello anonymously wrote a satirical pamphlet Il teatro alla moda, which left a lasting mark on the history of opera.

Notable works:
Estro poetico-armonico

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