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Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
December 23, 1689 – October 28, 1755

The French composer Joseph Bodin de Boismortier approached writing and with a unique slant: that of a businessman. He was known to follow the trends of the day, seize them, and produce appealing yet simple works for others. Doing so earned Boismortier an independent fortune.

Boismortier began his career in the town of Metz, receiving instruction from Josephy Valette de Montigny. Boismoter followed his mentor to Montigny, where he found work with the Royal Tobacco Control, and later relocated to Paris.

It was here that Boismotier’s career flourished. He composed prolifically for a number of wealthy patrons.

Boismortier’s pieces are hallmarked by their scoring for unconventional instruments (recorder, oboe, violin), and the flute in particular. The popularity of the flute ensured lucrative sales of his pieces.

Notable works:
Les quatre saisons, cantatas
Six concertos for five flutes
Concerto for cello, viol, or bassoon
Les voyages de l'amour
Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse

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