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De Rore, Cipriano
Cipriano De Rore
1515 – September 11, 1565

Cipriano De Rore, known as il divino Cipriano during his time, was an Italian composer during the Renaissance era.

Little is known about de Rore’s early life. He is known to have composed motets and madrigals, and collected his efforts in a number of books. These works were highly respected in their day, due to their technical accomplishment, and style.

He later traveled to Ferrar, and became choirmaster there. This began an extremely productive period. His work broadened to included masses and chansons, as well as his motets and madrigals. This work solidified his impact on classical music.

Nobles from across Europe requested his work, and his pieces remained popular in print long after his death. His compositions remained highly influential for all madrigal composers that followed during the Renaissance era.

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