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Chesnokov, Pavel
Pavel Chesnokov
October 24, 1877 – March 14, 1944

Pavel Chesnokov’s introduction to music was deep, and thorough. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory, training in vocal, piano, and violin, as well as detailed examinations of classical composition. It was during this time that Chesnokov became influenced by the religious themes of his mentors, and his work turned toward liturgical, choral pieces.

Chesnokov’s skill at an early age was admired, and secured him a teaching position at the Moscow Conservatory. He used this role to add a choral conducting program to the school, which he taught himself.

During this time Chesnokov wrote voluminously. He produced hundreds of religious choral pieces. This work was halted abruptly with the arrival of the Bolshevik Revolution, which forbade religious expression. Chesnokov, a deeply religious man, retreated into teaching, and served as choirmaster at Christ the Savior Cathedral. When this church was destroyed upon Stalin’s orders in 1933, Chesnokov became so dismayed that he abandoned composition utterly, and only taught until his death in 1944.

Notable works:
Salvation is Created
Do Not Reject Me in Old Age
O Lord God

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