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Bortnyanski, Dmitry
Dmitry Bortniansky
October 28, 1751 – October 10, 1825

Dmitry Stepanovich Bortniansky was a Ukrainian choral composer. Bortniansky displayed skill at a young age. At seven his talents were discovered and he offered the opportunity to join the Imperial Chapel Choir in St. Petersburg.

His skills grew under the direction of Venetian composer Baldassare Galuppi, and, when Galuppi returned to Italy, he took Bortniansky with him. It was in Italy where Bortniansky achieved fame crafting operas.

He later returned to St. Petersburg. There his work blossomed creatively, and he composed French operas, sonatas, and other songs. His successes allowed him to become the first native director of the Imperial Chapel Choir, where he wrote over 100 concertos, cantanas, and hymns.

Bortniansky’s prolific compositions spanned multiple styles in French, Italian, Latin, German, and Slavonic. It is his liturgical choral works that remain his most popular today.

Notable works:
Tantum Ergo
Großer Zapfenstreich
Whom Gods Destroy
The Angel Cried

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