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Tosti, Paolo
Paolo Tosti
April 9, 1846 – December 2, 1916

Paolo Tosti was an Italian composer who was capable of evoking immense feeling and depth in his works. His pieces were drawn from Italian folk roots, a source that resonated with listeners at the time, and remains popular today.

Tosti began studying music privately, and later at the conservatory in Naples. At 11, he enrolled at the Royal College of San Pietro A Majella, where he learned violin and composition. His skills were noticed by his instructors, and he was made a student teacher.

He later relocated to Rome, where he was discovered by composer and pianist Giovanni Sgambati. Sgambati introduced him to the future Queen of Italy. She hired him to teach her singing, and to curate the court archives.

Tosti traveled, and was popular abroad. His compositions became fashionable in England, and soon he was celebrated across Europe. He became professor at the Royal Academy of Music. He was made a British citizen, and was later knighted by King Edward VII.

Tosti returned to Italy in his last years, dying in Rome in 1916.

Notable works:
O Sole Mio
Santa Lucia

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