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Cherubini, Luigi
Luigi Cherubini
September 8, 1760 – March 15, 1842

Luigi Cherubini was an Italian composer born in Florence. He began working with music while studying with his father. At age 13 his first mass was performed. At 18 he produced his first opera, Il Quinto Fabio, while studying music with Giuseppe Sarti. He continued to compose operas after returning to Florence in 1782.

He relocated to Paris shortly thereafter, and was named the director of an opera company, and later, garnered an appointment at the Institut Nationional de Musique. During this time Cherubini focused on composing works praising the new government that emerged following the French Revolution.

Not long after this Cherubini produced perhaps his greatest work, Medee. It is an opera that blends a variety of elements of classic opera: spoken dialogue, mythological elements, and allusions to the Revolution.

A lull in his career ended with a request to compose a mass in Chimay. His creativity flourished with this project, and he focused on composing solely for the church. Later, Cherubini became the director of the prestigious Paris Conservatoire.

Cherubini’s great skill of weaving multiple voices in his pieces, while carrying emotional depth and drama, inspired other musicians, including Beethoven.

Notable works:
Requiem in D minor

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