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Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
Johann Nepomuk Hummel
November 14, 1778 – October 17, 1837

Austrian composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel was known for his piano concertos and works for solo piano. The pieces were characterized by fast, extended melodies, blocked chords, and a mix of accompaniment.

Hummel’s skill showed itself at a young age. His father taught him to read music by the time he was four. He began playing piano at age six. He was introduced to Mozart at this time, and impressed him enough to be accepted as a student. At ten he began performing across Europe, only to retreat from the public eye upon his return to Vienna. He then focused on teaching and composing.

He began with piano pieces, attempted opera, eventually succeeded in the style, and added concertos and masses. He accepted various posts from wealthy nobles.

Successes performing in Vienna led to successful tours across Europe. He later accepted a post of Kappelmeister in Stuttgart, which began a strongly creative period that produced some of his best compositions.

Notable works:
Sonata in A Flat
Sonata in F Sharp
His Mass

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